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2020: The Year of 5G

We are facing a special tipping point in the Technological development of our society. Without your realizing it, the world is preparing for the arrival of 5G. The Newest mobile (data) connection will turn our society upside down. And that is going to happen much faster than you and I suspect … The global development of 5G is now really going downhill. Here you can see the most important developments. Only in the last month!

• September 10: Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband goes live at Mcity, the University of Michigan’s test bed for autonomous vehicles.
• September 5: These German cities now have 5G access via Deutsche Telekom: Berlin, Darmstadt, Munich, Bonn, and Cologne.
• August 27: Sprint expands 5G coverage to a total of nine US cities, including these: Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C.
• August 22: Pakistani mobile network operator Zong successfully tests 5G in the country.
• August 22: Verizon’s 5G service will go live in Phoenix AZ on August 23.
• August 19: Three turns on 5G in the UK via its first home broadband plan for London customers: unlimited data for £35 per month.
• August 13: Vodafone Ireland and Ericsson launch 5G across these locations in Ireland: Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Galway, and Waterford.
• August 6: AT&T launches 5G in parts of New York City for select business customers.
• August 1: Vodafone announces plans to turn on its 5G network in New Zealand in December, starting in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown.

America, Great Britain, Pakistan, Germany, Ireland … everywhere is buzzing with 5G. We are increasingly convinced of this: 2020 will be the year for 5G! As an investor, this should not be missed in any case, because the results will be phenomenal. You don’t get the chance to buy Apple under $ 10 every day.

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