Personalized Portfolio Week 07 – The Results So Far


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Personalized Portfolio Week 07 – The Results So Far

Returns since 01-01-2020

2020 is already a dynamic year, with a major role for the Corona virus. That is why it is not easy for the average investor to achieve positive results, let alone to beat the benchmark.
We are all the more proud to be able to present our standings that our members have achieved.

Overall Return: +16.65%*

* This includes our Category Trading.

In the category Trading we issue a few trades every month, in line with the market. This can mean both Long and Short positions. This category is especially a very interesting one because a lot of money can be made here, both in economic prosperity and in bad economic times.

**This portfolio has a high risk.

Our Portfolio with the lowest risk has a return of: +4,2% since 01-01-2020.

Personalized Portfolio 50% DISCOUNT

Membership February Mega-Discount Deals: 50%

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Because every situation and person is different, it is important that a list is filled before we start, on the basis of which risk profile fits the specific client. That’s why we ask to contact us before we start. You can fill in the form at ‘contact’ and we always respond within 12 hours.

What distinguishes us from others?

  • Our Members keep in control of their own investments
  • We do not manage money from our Members
  • We do not want a ‘Fee’ for our services
  • There are NO extra costs outside of Membership
  • The customer can cancel the Membership at any time
  • Personal Service
  • Always respond within 12 hours
  • We look at each Member individually, this is because of time of entry, time frame of investing and the risk profile of the Member
  • Minimum Membership is one year
  • We accept Montly Payments

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