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Results Global Future Capital February

Results since 01-01-2020:

Personalized Portfolio: +35,22% (Join Us)

February goes into the history books as one of the most volatile months since the Great Financial Crisis, with All-Time Highs turning into the biggest loses since 2008 in one week!

We have nevertheless succeeded in achieving a very good result with our personalized portfolio: +35,22%

How is this possible?

As indicated in January, we had less and less confidence in the markets and we became more cautious about this. Stocks at all time highs, Tesla went to the roof, and even stocks went parabolic such as Virgin Galactic Holdings.

We wrote multiple articles about potential dangers in this economy. Nobody seem to care anymore, until they did! And that happend last week. With the big losses as a result.

For us it was clear we needed to build protection in our portfolio. We did that with Gold (Stocks), Follow a trading plan to hedge the losses some companies made. And we did not sale one single stock. To follow every step click here.

What do we expect for the future?

Short term expectations: We expect this is not over yet. The Coronavirus is starting to effect the whole world economy. Were this end we also have no idea. The only thing we know is that we have to follow every move and anticipate on this. And still make healthy profits like we proved to our members we are able to do in every market.

Long term expectations: For Investors who have horizons of more than 2o years, we don’t see any problems. The companies will recover and with it the entire economy. But we believe it will take some time. We will let our members know in which companies we believe to invest and when we think it is the right time.

Are we in a Bear Market? Not yet, but time will tell which way we go. We advise every investor to diversify their portfolio and don’t take to much risk. Cash is King when the markets are down. And meanwhile there is still a lot of money to be made Trading, or in different areas such as Gold & Silver, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, Emerging Markets, The Marijuana Industry, and many more (Click here to see all) and Start Investing like a PRO



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