Warren Buffett Stocks Ranked: The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio


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All 47 Warren Buffett Stocks Ranked: The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio

When you think of Warren Buffett, you probably think of stocks like Apple and Coca Cola. That’s right, because he has it for the most part. Yet Buffett invests in many more companies. Because the oracle of Omaha is one of the best investors in the world, it is worth taking a look at his Portfolio.

Buffett invests through its investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway (BKR.B). With this he owns 47 shares, where the top 10 shares account for 80 percent of the portfolio. Buffett also invests a large part in the banking sector. Enough about Buffett, let’s go to the stocks: 

# 1 United Parcel Service UPS

UPS is perhaps the largest parcel delivery company in the world. Buffett therefore invests in it. For a long time, but never has Buffett invested a serious portion of his assets in the parcel delivery service. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.003 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 6.1 million.

#2 Mondelez

You can know Mondelez from the delicious Oreo cookies. The company is descended from Kraft Foods and has continued under its own name since 2012. Kraft Foods went together with H.J. Heinz and is now called Kraft Heinz, one of Buffett’s larger holdings. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.02 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 31.2 million.

#3 Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a large company that owns various consumer brands. It is a typical blue chip share: a share that is easy to understand. Nevertheless, the company has fallen out of favor with Buffett, and that explains the low weighting in its portfolio.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.02 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 34.6 million.

#4 Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is the same defensive share as Procter & Gamble. Only it does business in a different angle, namely healthcare. In recent years, the diversified health giant has fallen out of favor with Buffett. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.02 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 45.6 million.

#5 Liberty Latin America

Liberty Latin America provides cabling for internet and telephony. You can also turn to the company for other wireless services. As the name suggests, Liberty Latin operates in Chile, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and other parts of Latin America. We will see the name Liberty even more often in the Buffett list. Buffett has two types of shares from Liberty. Those of class A and class C. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.03 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: Class A: $ 46.8 million, Class C: $ 22 million.

# 6 Suncor Energy Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy Suncor Energy is a newcomer to Berkshire Hathaway. In the fourth quarter of 2018, shares were bought from the oil and gas giant in Canada. And is not common: a company that operates outside of America. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.16 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 335.2 million.

# 7 Teva Pharmaceutical 

The Israeli drug manufacturer is a typical case of Buffett. Buffett bought the company when everyone loathed it. That was in the fourth quarter of 2017. In the second quarter of 2018, the situation seemed even worse for Teva, so Buffett doubled his stake. The stock is even cheaper today and trades at 2.5 times the expected profit. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.19 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 399.2 million.


# 8 StoneCo 

StoneCo is a Brazilian fintech company. The company provides both software and hardware to complete digital payments. StoneCo Buffett was advised by his lieutenant Todd Combs. But Buffett is also convinced of the payment business, he said: Payments are a huge deal worldwide. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.2 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 419 million. 

# 9 Phillips 66 

Phillips 66 is Buffett’s only energy investment besides Suncor. Berkshire Hathaway bought the shares from Phillips in 2012. But since then the position has been considerably reduced. In the first quarter of 2018, even 35 million shares were sold. Now Buffett still has around 5.5 million. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.25 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 519.4 million.

# 10 Torchmark / Globe Life 

Torchmark is an insurance company and therefore a typical Buffett share. Because the company is very easy to understand, boring and yields an excellent return. Berkshire Hathaway has had Torchmark since 2001 and has since achieved an annual return (including dividend) of 10.5 percent. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.27 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 568.4 million.

# 11 Restaurant Brands International

Without a doubt you have eaten at one of the brands of Restaurant Brands. For example in the Burger King. The company is the fifth largest fast food chain in the world and therefore part of Buffet’s portfolio. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.28 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 586.8 million. 

# 12 Store Capital Store 

Capital is a real estate holding company. Buffett was never a real estate fan, but made an exception with Store. The company owns restaurant chains, supermarkets, pharmacists and other retail stores. After Vanguard, Buffett is the largest investor in Store. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.3 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 618.1 million. 

# 13 Synchrony Financial 

Synchrony Financial coincides with the love that Buffett has for credit card companies and banks. Synchrony is a major issuer of credit cards for individuals. The company comes from GE Capital and continued on its own in 2014. In the second quarter of 2017, Buffett entered Synchrony. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.35 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 721.2 million.

# 14 Axalta Coating Systems 

Axalta makes industrial coatings for facades of buildings, pipelines and cars. The company is very active in the field of mergers and acquisitions. It is only natural that Buffett has shares in Axalta, because the super investor has long been a fan of the paint industry. Since 2015, Berikshire Hathaway has shares. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.35 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 722.3 million. 

# 15 Liberty Global 

Liberty Global is part of the communication and media companies that Buffett owns. Just like with Liberty Latin America, Buffett of Liberty Global has A and C shares. A shares have voting rights. C shares don’t. According to Liberty Global itself, the company is the largest in international TV and internet connections. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.35 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: Class A: $ 534.2 million, Class C: $ 194.9 million. 

# 16 Sirius XM 

Sirius XM is again a media company, which has more than 100 million listeners through its satellite radio and Pandora. The company has close ties with Liberty Global. Liberty, for example, owns a substantial stake in Sirius. Namely 69 percent. Buffett has had shares in Sirius since the fourth quarter of 2016. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.37 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 769.6 million.

# 17 Travelers 

Travelers is part of the insurance empire of Berkshire Hathaway. In addition to Travelers and Torchmark, Buffett has full control over a number of other insurers. Buffett bought Travelers’ shares in the third quarter in 2018 and expanded in the third quarter of 2019. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.43 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 890.9 million. 

# 18 M&T Bank 

In addition to insurers, Buffett has a passion for bank shares. For example, bank shares account for a large part of the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. M&T is one of those banks and Buffett has owned the shares since the turn of the century. Perhaps the reason for this is that M&T is a regular dividend payer. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.44 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 915.3 million. 

# 19 Red Hat 

Buffett itself is not a fan of tech shares. But his companions can occasionally have Buffett change his mind. That is why Red Hat was purchased in the fourth quarter of 2018. But at the moment, Red Hat has been taken over by IBM. And that is remarkable, because in 2017 Buffett still sold his full position in IBM. The acquisition will not see the Red Hat share in the list of Berkshire Hathaway’s assets. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.47 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 971.1 million. 

# 20 Amazon 

Amazon is Buffett’s newest position (at the end of the second quarter in 2019). In the beginning of 2019, Berkshire Hathaway bought 483,300 shares of the tech giant and later another 54,000. Buffett only regrets that he did not do this before: Yeah, I’ve been a fan, and I’ve been an idiot for not buying. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.49 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.01 billion.


# 21 Costco 

Costco is another old acquaintance in Buffett’s list. The company has been part of the portfolio since 2001. Costco operates as a warehouse department store, which you can only enter if you have a subscription. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.55 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.14 billion. 

# 22 PNC Financial Services 

PNC Financial Services is America’s sixth largest bank in terms of assets. Buffett is the tenth largest investor in the bank and bought the shares in the third quarter of 2018. He then bought again in the first quarter of 2019. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.57 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.19 billion.

# 23 Mastercard 

Mastercard is in the Berkshire portfolio thanks to Buffett his companions Todd Combs and Ted Weschler. Buffett only wished that he had previously bought shares in Mastercard. Of course because Mastercard is a giant in the payment industry. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.63 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.31 billion. 

# 24 American Airlines 

Buffett was never a fan of airlines. But in 2016 he changed his mind and decided to board a plane. That is why he bought American Airlines, among other things. The investor about aviation: It’s true that the airlines had a bad 20th century. They’re like the Chicago Cubs. And they got that bad century out of the way, I hope. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.68 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.43 billion. 

# 25 Liberty Sirius XM Group 

The third time that Liberty appears on Buffett’s list. Now Liberty Sirius XM Group. The Liberty Sirius XM shares came into circulation when the company Sirius XM Holdings again raised capital from investors in 2015. Buffett bought the shares. Again A and C shares. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.84 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: Class A: $ 561.9 million. Class C: $ 1.18 billion. 

# 26 Visa 

Just like Mastercard, Visa was an idea of ​​Buffett’s companions. And again Buffett said he regretted not having bought the company before. Because Visa is the world’s largest payment network and therefore takes full advantage of the growing number of digital payments. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.88 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.83 billion. 

# 27 United Continental 

United Continental is one of the four airlines that Buffet owns. He bought the shares like the others in the first quarter of 2016. Buffett currently has 8.2 percent of the shares of United Continental and that makes him the second largest shareholder. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 0.92 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 1.92 billion.

# 28 Charter Communications 

Charter Communicatoins sells cables for TV, internet, telephony and other services. The company does this under the name Spectrum, which is the second largest cable-laying facility in America. Buffett joined Charter Communications in the second quarter of 2014. But in recent years, Buffett has started to dislike the stock. For example, he reduced his position at the beginning of 2017. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.03 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 2.14 billion. 

# 29 DaVita 

DaVita is a healthcare player in the United States. For example, the company focuses on kidney care, with which the company responds to the aging population. It is no wonder that DaVita is in Buffett’s portfolio. Because his companion Ted Weschler already owned the share for a large part in his time for Berkshire Hathaway.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.04 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 2.17 billion. 

# 30 Verisign 

Verisign registers domain names with .com, .net and a few others. Buffett will be very pleased with this share, because Verisign shares were purchased at the end of 2012 and have yielded a return of 420 percent to this day. The S&P 500, on the other hand, is 127 percent. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.3 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 2.71 million. 

# 31 Southwest Airlines

Southwest is the third of the four airlines that Buffett owns. In contrast to United Continental, Southwest is often positive in the news. The company regularly receives the title “Best Airline” and “Best Place to Work For”. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.31 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 2.72 billion.

# 32 General Motors

General Motors is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. At least in the beginning of 2012. Buffett expanded its position in the fourth quarter of 2018 by 37 percent. And that is not strange. Because the automaker is an iconic American company. Is the US economy doing well? Then it will also go well with General Motors. Buffett therefore believes in the automaker, and has praised words for the CEO, Mary Barra: Mary is as strong as they come. She is as good as I have seen. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.34 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 2.78 billion.

# 33 Bank of New York 

Mellon A not very well-known bank, but one with a well-known name in the financial world. Bank of New York Mellon takes custody of assets for large professional investors and offers accounting services. Buffett is the bank’s largest shareholder with 8.5 percent of the shares. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.72 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 3.57 billion. 

# 34 Goldman Sachs 

Goldman Sachs is one of the most prominent investment banks on Wall Street. Buffett therefore embraces the financial giant with open arms and bought the shares during the financial crisis in 2008. He did so in a special deal. Buffett is now the bank’s fourth largest shareholder. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.8 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 3.76 billion.

# 35 Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines completes the list of airline shares that Berkshire Hathaway attracted in the third quarter of 2016. In the first quarter of 2019, Buffett purchased an additional 5.4 million shares. With this purchase, Buffett owns more than 10 percent of the shares in Delta Air Lines. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 1.93 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 4.02 billion.

# 36 Moody’s

Moody’s is one of the famous financial rating agencies in the United States. It is also one of the stocks that Berkshire Hathaway holds the longest. Buffett, for example, bought the shares in 2001. With this purchase, Buffett is by far the largest shareholder of the rating agency, with a share of 13.1 percent.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 2.32 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 4.82 billion.

# 37 JPMorgan Chase 

JPMorgan is the largest US bank in terms of assets. And Buffett has a large share in it. Perhaps not just about the activities of JPMorgan, but also about the CEO, Jamie Dimon. Buffett and Dimon also see each other alongside work. Together with Jeff Bezos from Amazon, they have set up a healthcare initiative. Buffett and Dimon also argue for exchanging quarterly figures for half-yearly figures. And for the following reason: Short-termism is hurting the economy. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 3.2 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 6.65 billion.

# 38 U.S. Bancorp 

U.S. Bancorp is the fifth largest US bank and it is one of Buffett’s best-performing investments. He bought shares from the bank in 2006 and bought again in the second quarter of 2019.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 3.34 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 6.94 billion. 

# 39 Kraft Heinz 

Kraft Heinz, a food giant in America, is one of Buffett’s largest investments. With an interest of 26.7 percent, Buffet is not even the largest shareholder. The private investment firm 3G Capital has an interest of 48.8 percent. Buffett does regret his great position. He says he has paid too much for the shares. I was wrong. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 4.86 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 10.11 billion.

# 40 American Express 

American Express is a company that does not let Buffett go. He has had shares since 1963, when Buffett bought shares under special conditions because American Express was desperately looking for capital. Buffet that offered it and has no regrets today. It’s a fantastic story, and I’m glad we own 18% of it.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 8.99 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 18.71 billion.

# 41 Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo is a bank that has often been negative in the news in recent years. The bank, for example, would have put customers on unnecessary car insurance policies. Buffett responded to the negativity: If you look at Wells, through this whole thing they’re uncovering a whole lot of problems, but they aren’t losing any customers to speak of. Buffett is Wells Fargo’s largest shareholder, with an interest of 8.4 percent.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 9.79 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 19.39 billion.

# 42 Coca Cola 

Buffett bought Coca Cola shortly after the 1987 crash. In 1988 he said in a letter to shareholders that he would hold the share for a very long period. And see 30 years later: Buffett still has Coca Cola shares, with a 9.4 percent interest in the company. And maybe, because Buffett loves Cherry Coke.Percentage of BKR portfolio: 9.79 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 20.37 billion.

# 43 Bank of America

It must now be clear that Buffett is interested in bank shares. The crown jewel of this in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is Bank of America, the second largest bank in the United States. Buffett bought the shares in 2011 for a substantial discount. In the second quarter of 2019 he bought additional shares, around 927 million. Buffett is now the largest shareholder in Bank of America. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 12.92 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 26.89 billion.

# 44 Apple 

Apple is the king in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. And also the proof that Buffett is fully committed to something when he sees value in something. Because Apple accounts for almost a quarter of the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Buffett has owned Apple shares since 2016 and has since purchased. Yet he is Apple’s third largest shareholder. Only Vanguard and BlackRock have EIA. Percentage of BKR portfolio: 23.74 percent. Value in BKR portfolio: $ 49.4 billion. 


Source: Kiplinger 


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